Our Roots

Grandy Organics got its start in the lakes region of Western Maine, when a homegrown enterprise was nurtured with mounds of organic oats, nuts, and honey. Founded with the firm belief that business is more about having a positive impact than it is about making money, we wanted to “live life organically, love the path we traveled, and keep it real”....

It all started around a campfire at Baxter State Park in 1979, when a couple of friends tossed around a few business concepts, and the idea of making granola took hold. What seemed like a “grandiose” idea soon became Grandy Organics. The granola community that formed cared deeply about the earth and believed in making a positive impact on people and the planet. We quickly realized, “you don’t have to be related to have a family business.”

GrandyOats - Organic Granola Since 1979

After years of selling small batch granola to Maine co-ops and local natural food stores, Grandy Organics ramped up production, adding in lines of organic roasted nuts, and trail mixes. We’ve kept artificial ingredients out of our recipes because “we believe you can’t fake good taste”. From a bakery above a bookstore, to a 1910 dairy barn, to now, a solar powered school house, our journey follows the earth's intrinsic model of bringing new life from the old. Powering our bakery with solar panels has taught us that “catching rays pays.”

Now distributed nationwide, Grandy Organics is proud to stay true to our roots, while balancing a growing business. Our organic products are still made in small batches in Maine, because after 40 years, we’ve learned that the purest pleasures are found off the beaten path.

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