Coconola: A Grandy Story

Coconola: A Grandy Story

When we started thinking about making grain free granola, we thought ‘what would be the best possible addition to make this taste good and make you feel good?’ Well it was a pretty easy decision for us here at GrandyOats.  We decided on coconut because it tastes great and it’s full of healthy fats and lipids that are a great alternative to more carb based, grain centric granolas.

Many people nowadays understand what can happen when you consume too many carbs: feeling tired or sluggish, lacking energy, having intense cravings, and many more negative side effects.  With this information at hand, many people are now turning to something that was almost completely shunned until very recently: healthy fats.  


You see, when your body is digesting primarily fats, your body is in a state of ‘ketosis’.  This is often associated with feelings of alertness, creativity and drive. Quite a far cry from how you feel when you are digesting a carb heavy meal!  Coconola® is full of protein from nuts and fat from coconut chips, so you can eat this amazing snack at any point of the day and still fit within your macros.

But of course, it's not all about the coconut chips!  We've got a delicious mix of organic nuts and seeds that add a great taste and texture, while also having great nutritional value.  And the best part is, it fits right in to keto, paleo, and low carb diets.

This makes Coconola® a perfect snack for anyone concerned about their energy levels. It can be consumed for breakfast, or as a snack in between meals, but there is one more important thing about it…


We've got variety in our delicious products here at GrandyOats We've added three new flavors since we first started making Coconola: Coffee Crunch for those who need a caffeine kick, Super Hemp for those who want only the healthiest blend, and Chocolate Chunk for those (like me) with a bit of a sweet tooth.  

When we make our organic granolas, trail mixes and more, we are not fooling around. We make sure you're getting the best organic ingredients that we source with your health and taste in mind, all while providing it to you for an honest price.  

We love what we do here, making healthy snacks for any time of day!  We hope you enjoy our products and we encourage anyone to try them out if they want to truly taste and feel the difference!  Check out our Coconola today!  You'll get 15% off your first order plus free shipping for orders over $50!


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